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Climate change Liquigas, Italy 4/15/2022

Primagaz France's Energy Savings Certificates (CEE) Platforms Project: A Key Initiative for Energy Transition

In 2021, Liquigas Italy signed a five-year agreement with multinational gas company Air Liquide for the supply of biomethane (in the form of bioLNG) to its automotive clients. Liquigas will use this bioLNG to supply its existing automotive market, private fleets, trucking companies and filling stations.

As well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, switching to bioLNG improves local air quality. The bioLNG will be produced from the fermentation of slurry and agricultural residues from farms in the surrounding area. This circular economy approach aligns with Liquigas’ sustainability strategy, as part of its commitment to improve air quality and act against climate change by developing solutions with low environmental impact and reducing energy consumption. The production process will also produce innovation organic liquid and solid fertilisers as a byproduct, which can be used to cultivate crops in fields and greenhouses.


The future looks promising

Liquigas has calculated that by the end of 2022 it can save 670 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions through distributing bioLNG. Dario Mastromattei, who works in LNG Sales at Liquigas, explains, “"We are very satisfied with this agreement with a major partner such as Air Liquide which, like Liquigas, believes in sustainability for the future of Italy. “Investing in biofuels means contributing concretely to the energy transition and to the fight to improve the quality of the air we breathe. These are resources that we already have at our disposal and that allow the reduction of CO2 emissions, harmful to the environment, and of pollutants that are dangerous to our health".