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Climate change Gaspol, Poland 4/19/2021

Gaspol send out a powerful sustainable message

Sending out a message or statement from a business to a wide audience and to get attention is certainly difficult in today’s world. Every minute of every day new messages and images are demanding attention, so to get stand out, messages have to offer something different or have added value.

Making figures meaningful

This was the challenge that Gaspol when they wanted to share messages about the powerful changes that can be made to the environment and offer a more sustainable future.

They decided to place an advertisement in national daily newspaper ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’, that has a circulation of 100,00 copies, to carry the message. The content was different as it focused on providing specific sustainability data obtained from Power BI. This is a Microsoft tool that is used throughout SHV Energy that allows the user to visualise data that is produced from enterprise business intelligence (BI).

The output was perfect to introduce the topic of environmental protection and the fight for better air quality in Poland.

The message

 The Gaspol team used Carbon Impact information in Power BI for a 4-year period on how much CO2 (264,918 tonnes) and particulate matters (68,143 tonnes) was saved by customers who chose LPG for heating instead of more polluting fuels such as coal.

To give the CO2 numbers more impact, they decided to use a special converter available from SHV Energy to relate the weights to recognisable images or objects. The weight of the saved amount of CO2 is compared to the weight of African elephants, whales and, Boeing 747 aircraft. Next to the numbers, the team added graphic images of these animals and aircraft, that really grabbed attention and gave the overall message even more impact.

This is a great example of how all parts of SHV Energy can use the analytics available to produce some powerful and graphic messages to support the drive for a more sustainable future.

Infographic Gaspol