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Climate change Ipragaz, Turkey 8/30/2021

Ipragaz introduce the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) as part of their sustainable energy plan

Ipragaz, like all SHV Energy companies, are working towards sustainability goals with the aim to make cleaner, greener energy options accessible and affordable for as many customers and businesses as possible, without negatively impacting the environment. To drive this transition to cleaner energy, the group of companies have committed to 100% of their energy being produced from non-fossil, bio-based feedstock by 2040.

The Ipragaz plan

Here in Turkey, Ipragaz has had plans in place to help achieve these sustainable goals and also include meeting targets for economic growth and social impact. To add to this, they have been investigating and identifying new projects that can contribute to the reduction of the company’s and their customers’ carbon footprint.

I-REC, a certificate to recognise renewable energy sourcing

Early this year, 2021, they made the decision to meet the requirements of the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) that demonstrates that all electric power used by Ipragaz would be from a 100% renewable sources. It is an effective and recognised tool to document reduced greenhouse gas emissions, to improve the company’s sustainability rating and a visible demonstration of the commitment to SHV Energy's energy transition targets.

Environmental leadership with economic benefits

The initiative shows Ipragaz to be an environmental leader, demonstrating to both business stakeholders and customers, a preference for renewable energy and a commitment to changing global energy behaviour.

It has proven to be very effective both by building an enhanced external image of corporate responsibility and for supporting sales and marketing activity. Prospective customers, both nationally and internationally, can be targeted with market-leading sales messages offering I-REC embedded electricity sales contracts. It has allowed Ipragaz to cross-sell in the market, increase their competitive edge, in addition to helping their customers’ strategy to become carbon neutral.

It is good to recognise the excellent work that has taken place with this initiative. It supports the SHV Energy goals and is a good example of how the group of companies are moving themselves and their customers towards a carbon neutral position.