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Climate change SunSource, India 4/15/2022

Supporting net-zero ambitions

In 2017, SunSource Energy developed an on-site solar project for a leading bottler of Coca-Cola in India, Brindavan Agro, to help reduce its energy costs. Since the bottling plant had a limited onsite area available for a solar plant, SunSource Energy could cater to only 3% of the client’s overall energy needs.

However, when Coca Cola further committed to source renewable energy for its operations across its value chain, Brindavan Agro approached SunSource’s team of experts again to discuss how they could help with this transition.


The solution

After a detailed analysis of the bottling plant’s overall power needs, its available on-site area and seasonal patterns, SunSource proposed an off-site 5 MWp solar solution 250 km away.

The location of this new solar power plant was ideal, as SunSource could utilise the state’s electricity grid to wheel power from the site to the bottling plant and create access to clean power. The remote location also avoided any interference with the Brindavan Agro’s operations during its construction.

Brindavan Agro and SunSource Energy signed a power purchase agreement in 2021 where SunSource Energy committed to providing clean energy to the Coca-Cola bottler for the next 25 years.


The result

Thanks to SunSource’s support, Brindavan Agro now sources 50% of its energy renewably, aligning it with Coca-Cola’s target for its suppliers. The project will offset over 170 million kilograms of CO2 emissions over its technical lifetime, which is equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by over 300,000 trees over the same time span. Apart from supporting Coca-Cola with its sustainability target, the project will also enable Brindavan Agro to reduce its energy costs by up to 40%.

Chandramohan Prajapati, a project manager at SunSource Energy, explains, “Our team is committed to simplifying the energy transition process for our customers. With our on-site and off-site solar solutions, we now cater to a large part of Brindavan Agro’s overall energy needs.”