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Innovation and technology Primagaz, France 4/19/2021

Digital services development by Primagaz offers benefits to customers and the business

Man and woman behind computer
In 2020 Primagaz (FR) accelerated the development of digital services for its customers using a new solution, called Autonomous Measurement Kit (KMA). The system allows bulk customers to assess the safety conditions of its tank installation (competitor owned) in a fully digital way. The tool has the potential to service customers without the need of an on-site physical presence. The cost of these installations can be lower by reducing the distances travelled by technicians and the resulting reduction in CO2 emissions.

Test results

The Primagaz Innovation Team in France implemented a sample test of the system with 22 residential bulk customers and the support of 4 sales representatives. The first results show that 19 customers (86%) returned safety environment information using the KMA, without the need for a visit from the sales representative.

From these first preliminary results, it is anticipated that the number of visits currently undertaken by the Primagaz bulk team could be reduced by 50%.

Possible benefits for planned switch projects

The results of the test are very positive and give confidence that future projects could offer significant benefits. For example, Primagaz FR has the aim to convert hundreds of competitor tanks on the domestic segment during 2021.This would normally mean visits to the customers sites, travelling around 60,000 kilometres to define the safety conditions of existing tanks.

Consequently, if the KMA was used for all “switch LPG” domestic creations, Primagaz estimate this could save around 30,000 kilometres from the reduced travelling that would not be required. It also represents a time saving that is approximately equivalent to 600 worked hours that could be used to on other projects.

Safety enhancement and environmental benefits

Adrien Lecossier, Head of Innovation, Primagaz France commented “It is exciting to see how the new KMA system can offer customers a constant monitoring system for their bulk tanks, improving our service to them with an added safety feature. It also offers the potential to allow us as a company to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the number of physical customer visits.”