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Talent attraction, development and retention Gaspol, Poland 6/19/2018

Gaspol and Primagas run workshops for all employees

Gaspol and Primagas run workshops for all employees
These days, one of the most important roles of an employer is to pay careful attention to their employees’ skills development. At Gaspol and Primagas, we make sure to invest in our people. In 2016, we launched an open workshop programme for all employees, focused on developing soft skills.

Each employee could take part in one of four available workshops in creativity, personal efficiency, troubleshooting and effective presentation. Workshop classes were conducted in small groups (a maximum of 10-15 people), and classes were conducted by qualified coaches from the well-recognised company Dale Carnegie Training.

Great participation rate and a positive impact

As of 2017, the programme continues to be a success – nearly 60% of employees have taken part across three editions, with more applicants than places available. Participants have broadened their skills and gained new knowledge. Just as importantly, they have had the opportunity to meet colleagues from other locations to connect and exchange experiences. The overall evaluation of the workshops has also been very good, and many of our managers have seen a positive impact in employee development, which makes for better business.

It’s a great example of how employee development helps not only the participants themselves, but the company as a whole.