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Anti-bribery and corruption Primagas, Scandinavia 4/20/2021

Boosting engagement on the Code through interactivity

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Each business unit devised its own plan for rolling out the SHV Energy Employee Code of Conduct in the most engaging way possible. For example, in September 2020, Primagas Scandinavia participated in the global roll-out through a successful and interactive Code of Conduct Week.

Actively safeguarding SHV Energy’s integrity

Primagaz Scandinavia’s roll-out of the Code was an integral part of its goal of improving awareness of integrity topics across its business.

Therefore, it was important that the roll-out was as engaging as possible. An activity-packed Code of Conduct Week was planned for employees across Sweden and Denmark, using materials provided by our Hoofddorp HQ and additional materials created locally. These materials included the Code of Conduct itself and videos created by the Legal & HR department that included additional information and dilemmas.

The Code of Conduct Week consisted of interactive and competitive quizzes that participants joined either individually or in groups, where the answers were derived from the above-mentioned materials. Active involvement from employees was encouraged as there were prizes awarded not only for correct answers, but also for creative ones.

The topics covered imparted invaluable knowledge to employees on subjects including sustaining the environment, mitigating risks and plans of action in situations of health, safety, and wellbeing of employees.

The Code of Conduct Week had a very high rate of participation and successfully put focus on our essential core value areas of Safety, Integrity and Sustainability. It succeeded in safeguarding integrity at our local level, and contributed to the safeguarding of integrity across the SHV Energy family.

Feedback on the learning-positive approach

The feedback from participants was very positive. Linnea Kornum, Project Consultant in Finance, explained “It was incredibly fun to unfold creatively in the Code of Conduct Week; We even wrote a song on everything we can and cannot do!”

Cecilie Gry Beder, Junior Legal Counsel at Primagas Scandinavia, agrees. “The Code of Conduct week was fun, rich in learning and especially during the pandemic, a nice topic to bring us together.”

The engagement from the employees was obvious and it generated a learning-positive environment across departments throughout the entire week.

Cecilie continues, “This kind of roll-out was an important tool to reach our 2020 goal of implementation of the SHV Employee Code of Conduct, and it will undoubtedly be a tool we use again in the future!”

Marieke Bax, Group Ethics & Compliance Officer at SHV Energy, reflects on the roll-out as a whole. “The combination of thorough training materials provided by HQ and engaging activities run by our E&C community made the global roll-out of our Employee Code of Conduct a clear success.”