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Customer experience France 4/3/2024

Primagaz France's Energy Savings Certificates (CEE) Platforms Project: A Key Initiative for Energy Transition

As part of our ongoing commitment to energy sobriety and efficiency, Primagaz France has embarked on a pioneering initiative with the implementation of platforms dedicated to Energy Savings Certificates (CEE). This initiative aligns with our overall strategy to support the energy transition, aiming to promote sustainable energy solutions and reduce the carbon footprint of both our operations and our clients.

The CEE platforms at Primagaz France are designed to facilitate and encourage the undertaking of energy renovation projects among our clients, both private individuals and professionals. By offering enhanced premiums, these platforms act as a significant lever to encourage the adoption of greener technologies and energy practices, thereby materialising our vision for a more sustainable energy future.

To ensure the success of this initiative, we have established a dedicated team comprised of energy specialists. This team is tasked with supporting our clients at every stage of their energy renovation project. From preliminary advice to the completion of the works, our goal is to provide tailored support, ensuring an optimal customer experience and maximising the benefits associated with the CEE premiums.

Beyond the financial aspect, our approach is holistic and integrated, aiming to raise awareness among our clients about the importance of energy efficiency and guide them towards the best solutions available on the market. This approach is based on a thorough analysis of the specific needs of each project, allowing us to propose customised solutions that meet the CEE eligibility criteria and maximise energy savings.

In 2024, our commitment will translate into increased support for our clients, with the ambitious goal of assisting 1,000 households and 200 businesses in their transition to greater energy efficiency. This personalised and professional assistance is the foundation of our strategy to achieve optimal energy performance and make a significant contribution to CO2 emission reduction.

Our initiative is not limited to technical and financial support; it also includes additional premium incentives for large-scale projects such as thermal insulation and comprehensive renovation. These extra incentive measures are a testament to our commitment to go beyond expectations, doubling down on efforts to encourage ambitious renovations that have a significant impact on energy efficiency.

Primagaz France's CEE platform initiative is a concrete illustration of our commitment to the energy transition. It reflects our determination to act as a responsible and innovative player in the energy sector, implementing solutions that benefit both our clients and the environment. This approach is fully in line with our company values and strengthens our identity as a committed actor for a sustainable energy future.