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Innovation and technology SUPERGAS, India 4/19/2021

Kickstarting the Innovation Movement

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SUPERGAS India exemplifies how an innovation culture is being embedded across our organisation. In 2020, ‘Embedding innovation’ was selected as a new aspirational goal, alongside our existing aspirational goals of ‘Improving health, safety and wellbeing’, ‘Sustaining the environment’, ‘Enhancing employee and community development’ and ‘Safeguarding integrity’.

‘Embedding innovation’ is reported on for the first time in our 2020 Sustainability Report. This addition was in response to innovation’s increasing relevance to our business. We see innovation in a broad sense – it is an approach that defines how we respond to both the challenges of the present and of the future.

Instilling an innovation mindset

In order to use an innovation mindset to solve challenges, we must first instil it across our organisation. In 2020, the SUPERGAS India Innovation team led a workshop in collaboration with the global Innovation team to select SHV Energy’s first 13 Innovation Ambassadors.

These functional experts will play a critical role in the Innovation Movement moving forward, helping their respective business functions solve known problems through rapid assumption validation and testing methodologies, and identifying new problems to solve.

Applying innovation to business challenges

Sudpita Prasad, Innovation Manager at SUPERGAS India, explains SUPERGAS’s approach to the workshop. “We strongly believe that Innovation is the need of the hour. In order to drive the Innovation Movement, it is very important to develop an innovation culture in our organisation. This training was aimed at giving these Ambassadors a taste of Innovation. By equipping them with the right mindset and skillset, we create very powerful ambassadors for Innovation in SUPERGAS.”

One example of a task the Innovation Ambassadors are tackling is a new ideation campaign specifically related to capturing ideas on how the current customer journey can be digitised to improve customer experience and process efficiency. 400 colleagues will have the opportunity to contribute to this campaign, then the Innovation Ambassadors will refine their contributions.