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Talent attraction, development and retention Ipragaz, Turkey 4/14/2022

Future-proofing our business in Turkey

Ipragaz launched the EPIC Work programme in 2021 to prepare its organisation for the future and the fast pace of technological development.

EPIC, which stands for Evolution Process in Culture, is a comprehensive gradual change programme covering topics like employee engagement, work-life balance, operational excellence, sustainability, safety and more. The purpose of EPIC is to create the future version of Ipragaz’s organisation, which it refers to as Ipragaz 202X. For each topic, its members consider the three Ps – people, process, purpose.

A programme with inclusion at its core

Employees from across Ipragaz are encouraged to contribute to ensure a broad range of perspectives are included. Anyone working in any department can be involved and has the opportunity to help shape their own future. Each department has at least one representative, which helps EPIC’s work to connect with existing change initiatives and digital transformation projects.

Five key projects

Its five key projects currently focus on remote working, office design, efficient meeting management, feedback culture and learning, and the digital office.

Through the tremendous efforts of its visionary, energetic, decisive and resilient team members, EPIC will shape Ipragaz’s high-performance culture, where well-equipped employees continuously improve its business processes and pursue operational excellence.