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Products and services Butan Plin, Slovenia 6/19/2018

Project SiLNG – introducing LNG filling stations to Slovenia

We are pleased to announce that Butan plin is establishing an LNG filling system in Slovenia through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program. The project is part of the winning CEF 2015 tender for the construction of three LNG refueling stations for trucks and is co-funded by the European Commission.

Reducing air and noise pollution

Despite its small size, Slovenia is an important regional logistics player – there were 11,326 heavy-duty diesel vehicles in Slovenia at the end of 2015. Diesel is not the most environmentally-friendly form of fuel for trucking transport. Natural gas vehicles, on the other hand, represent the fastest and most effective way to reduce harmful emissions caused by road transportation. LNG truck emmissions are lower compared to diesel via four main indicators: up to 20% lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, up to 90% lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, up to 95% lower particulate matter (PM) emissions, and up to 95% lower sulphur oxide (Sox) emissions. LNG trucks also reduce noise pollution by 50% compared to diesel.

More stations and transport company contracts

In 2017 we established the first LNG filling stations for trucks in Slovenia. They were inaugurated in January of 2018, and we plan to open two more stations – one in Slovenia and one in Croatia – this year as well. Our goal is to sign contracts with local transport companies to stimulate the conversion of their floats from diesel to LNG. There are already two LNG trucks in Slovenia and three more will be available soon. We have also started concrete talks with transport companies from neighbouring countries that are already using LNG trucks (Autamarocchi from Italy and Vega transport from Austria). Our target is to convert up to 2% of 1,000 trucks from diesel to LNG each year.