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Talent attraction, development and retention Head office, The Netherlands 4/19/2021

Our talent transfer programmes


We consider candidates from across our business units for leadership roles as part of our talent transfer programmes. Talent transfer enables our business units to learn from each other and increases the diversity of our teams.

We also participate in talent transfers across the SHV family, including other SHV Holdings businesses. For example, in 2020 Ezgi Aydin Mor moved from her role at our business unit Ipragaz in Turkey to work at Nutreco in the Netherlands. She explains, “I seized the opportunity to combine different points of view, learn another SHV business and share ideas with various cultures.”

Ezgi’s story

“My professional life started in 2011, when I decided to join a company in the energy sector. I worked in different roles at different companies and gained experience in financial analysis and budgeting.

“In 2016, my SHV Energy adventure began in Turkey, when I joined the Budget, Reporting and Controlling team at Ipragaz. This was not a typical financial analyst role where I was only involved in the preparation of the monthly and yearly financial reports.

“The role was enriched by a business partnership with the Automotive Sales Department. I supported the Sales team with customer, brand, and region-based profitability analyses and developed specific customer-based analysis to create a more profitable customer portfolio. This role was a perfect mix of sales and finance that suited my skills and pushed me to develop.

“Being a part of Ipragaz was a great learning process for me, both professionally and personally. I participated in development training both in and outside Turkey, where I built my understanding of where my weaknesses and strengths lie. I am grateful that I can still work on my well-defined improvement points.

“Besides these development opportunities, I count myself lucky to have been part of such a strong, diverse team from different age groups and nationalities, which helped me learn how to tailor my interactions around different personalities.

Leaving my comfort zone

“After four years of intensive hard work, I started to feel that I need to leave my comfort zone to develop myself even further. Fortunately, I was soon presented with a new challenge and asked if I would be willing to work abroad.

“I got an offer from an SHV Energy sister company, Trouw Nutrition, where I could immediately see I would add value to both myself and the company. Since October 2020, I have been working in Trouw’s Nutrition Division Team as a Business Controller, based in the Netherlands.

“So far, I am learning another business of SHV, sharing ideas with various colleagues from different cultures, and seeing different points of view. While I was working at Ipragaz, I was focusing on only Turkey, but now I have an opportunity to work on the bigger picture which is exciting and keeps me motivated each day. I feel grateful to be on such an adventure.”