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Health & Safety SHV Energy, China 4/15/2022

Last-mile delivery development

SHV Energy delivers almost 28 million cylinders to over a million residents and businesses in China each year, using an enormous fleet of motorcycles and tricycles. In Foshan City, it services 177,000 customers.
After analysing its incident data, it realised its tricycles were involved in significantly fewer safety incidents than motorcycles for last-mile delivery. Specifically, they were involved 71% less often than motorcycles, likely due to their structural difference.

Taking action

Armed with this knowledge, SHV Energy China successfully lobbied the city authorities to make tricycles the standard cylinder delivery vehicle, making other companies’ deliveries safer too and Foshan City a safer place for other road users. As a bonus, the tricycles are battery-powered, meaning they emit no carbon emissions. They are therefore not only safer, but greener too.

Next steps

In 2022, it plans to significantly expand its battery-powered tricycle fleet. Its calculations show that at least 577,800kg of carbon dioxide emissions will be saved annually when all the motorcycles have been replaced with its battery-powered tricycles.

In addition, the switch improves employee wellbeing, as well as safety. The tricycles are equipped with a cab, which protects the delivery driver from exposure to harsh sunshine or rain.

Michael Zhang, General Manager of Pearl River Delta Central at Xiwei, is enthusiastic about the decision. “I am very happy that the authority adopted battery-driven tricycles. It is much safer for our people, much greener for the environment,” he explains.