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Innovation and technology Supergasbras, Brazil 4/14/2022

Coming together to innovate at Supergasbras

In March 2021, Supergasbras launched "Chega junto para inovar" (Coming together to innovate), a programme to quickly collect, test, and implement innovative ideas from any Supergasbras employee, working in any part of the business. The idea collection process is quick and easy to encourage broad participation – it takes just three clicks. In less than a year, more than 350 ideas were shared and analysed by the Innovation team.

The programme is designed to reinforce innovation as part of Supergasbras, and SHV Energy’s, DNA, as well as highlighting the innovation mindset of our employees. It also included the enrolment and training of more than 25 innovation influencers. These influencers play an essential role in building corporate ideas, supporting the refinement of ideas and fostering the culture of innovation in their respective workplaces.

The idea collection process

The idea shared through the programme must be connected to one of the six innovation focus areas defined by the Management Team: customer and dealer experience; less bureaucracy and more agility; sustainability; Healthy and Safety; employee journey and new business models.

If the Innovation team decides that an idea merits further analysis and testing of assumptions, a sponsor and initiative leader are nominated. The initiative leader then builds a multidisciplinary team, which, with the methodological help of the Innovation team, will try to transform this idea into a feasible and viable pilot.

An initiative leader’s experience

Cassius Fantoni, Operations Coordinator and initiative leader at Supergasbras, explains, “The Supergasbras ideation program is a very important tool for the future of our activities at the company. The continuous motivation of employees to seek different ways of carrying out their activities, always thinking about safety, health, the environment, performance, well-being, and customer experience, is embedded in our employee culture.”

He continues, “After more than 20 years in the operations area, I find thinking "outside the box" is very rewarding and motivating to do more and better! The opportunity to lead an initiative that can provide greater safety conditions in the operational activities of the entire Supergasbras is a unique moment in my career. We all have ideas and sharing them is important in the evolution of each one in order to solve problems.”