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5/8/2020 •

SHV Energy Sustainability Report 2019

SHV Energy launches its third annual sustainability report, as part of its commitment to ‘Advancing Energy Together’. For the first time the report has been produced in accordance with the Global Reporting…

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2/11/2020 • |

SHV Energy partners with Oberon Fuels to Accelerate Use of Renewable DME (rDME) to Decarbonise Transportation

SHV Energy and Oberon Fuels, a producer of ultra-low-carbon, renewable dimethyl ether, are partnering to accelerate the use of renewable DME to reduce…

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12/19/2019 •

SHV Energy supports Eco-Runner Team of Delft University of Technology in development of efficient hydrogen-powered city car

SHV Energy has committed to support one of the ‘D:DREAM Teams’ of the Delft University of Technology: Eco-Runner Team Delft. D:DREAM is an acronym for…

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