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Enhancing employee and community development • Calor, GB • 4/14/2022

Funding community projects in rural areas

Every year since 2017, Calor GB has proudly hosted the Calor Rural Community Fund. This gives rural communities, Calor’s main customer base, an opportunity to win funding for community projects that improve…

Enhancing employee and community development • Ipragaz, Turkey • 4/14/2022

Future-proofing our business in Turkey

Ipragaz launched the EPIC Work programme in 2021 to prepare its organisation for the future and the fast pace of technological development.

Embedding innovation • Primagaz, France • 4/14/2022

Artificial intelligence for customer needs

Primagaz France has a cylinder forecasting model for planning their deliveries. This is a static model, with a forecast calculation per customer in the form of an average updated every 6 months, which…

Embedding innovation • Supergasbras, Brazil • 4/14/2022

Coming together to innovate at Supergasbras

In March 2021, Supergasbras launched "Chega junto para inovar" (Coming together to innovate), a programme to quickly collect, test, and implement innovative ideas from any Supergasbras employee, working…

Embedding innovation • SUPERGAS India • 4/14/2022

SUPERGAS India's auto-ordering technology

SUPERGAS’s Innovation team has successfully implemented the auto-ordering of cylinders through Electronic Auto Changeover Device Plus (EACD) Plus. The system is now designed to be integrated into installations…

Sustaining the environment • Gaspol, Poland • 10/8/2021

Gaspol focus on the role that LNG can play in the energy transition

As the search for cleaner fuels continues there has been a significant amount of attention recently on the possible role that Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) can play in energy transition. To understand the…

Sustaining the environment • Ipragaz, Turkey • 8/30/2021

Ipragaz introduce the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) as part of their sustainable energy plan

Ipragaz, like all SHV Energy companies, are working towards sustainability goals with the aim to make cleaner, greener energy options accessible and affordable for as many customers and businesses as…

Improving health, safety and well-being • Gaspol, Poland • 4/20/2021

Demonstrating the strength of our safety culture

During a routine LPG delivery in Poland, a client collapsed and stopped breathing. Gaspol bulk drivers Michał Korzeniewski and Florian Walczak immediately leapt into action, remembering Gaspol’s regular…

Embedding innovation • SHV Energy China, People's Republic of China, • 4/20/2021

Applying an innovation mindset to operations challenges

Health and Safety is our number one core priority, and manual handling is a leading cause of incidents. Several different approaches to reducing manual handling injuries through innovation were trialled…

Safeguarding integrity • Primagas, Scandinavia • 4/20/2021

Boosting engagement on the Code through interactivity

Each business unit devised its own plan for rolling out the SHV Energy Employee Code of Conduct in the most engaging way possible. For example, in September 2020, Primagas Scandinavia participated in the…

Safeguarding integrity • Head office, The Netherlands • 4/20/2021

Global collaboration at its best

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit China in early 2020, there was an immediate shortage of the personal protective equipment (PPE) our employees needed to safely work and deliver essential energy to customers.…

Enhancing employee and community development • Gaspol, Poland • 4/20/2021

Supporting communities in need

When COVID-19 hit, emergency services all around the world were suddenly under unprecedented pressure. Gaspol’s employees considered how they could help their local community and where their specialist…