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Sustaining the environment • EM3, Ireland • 4/15/2022

Bespoke solutions for energy efficiency

Dairy company Arrabawn approached the team at EM3 with a challenge. They needed to increase the capacity of their plant to process more milk, whilst also improving their energy efficiency.

Sustaining the environment • SunSource, India • 4/15/2022

Supporting net-zero ambitions

In 2017, SunSource Energy developed an on-site solar project for a leading bottler of Coca-Cola in India, Brindavan Agro, to help reduce its energy costs. Since the bottling plant had a limited onsite…

Sustaining the environment • Liquigas, Italy • 4/15/2022

A circular economy approach to energy

In 2021, Liquigas Italy signed a five-year agreement with multinational gas company Air Liquide for the supply of biomethane (in the form of bioLNG) to its automotive clients. Liquigas will use this bioLNG…

Sustaining the environment • Butan Plin, Slovenia • 4/15/2022

Launching bioLPG in Slovenia

In the summer of 2021, Butan plin launched bioLPG on the Slovenian market – a first for the country. This made Slovenia the 11th country in Europe where bioLPG is available. Since June 2021, all Butan…

Improving health, safety and wellbeing • SunSource, India • 4/15/2022

Preventative health check-ups for SunSource employees

SunSource partnered with a nearby hospital to organise a health awareness and preventive health check-up camp at its solar project site in Uttar Pradesh, India. This 45 MWp site is one of the largest solar…

Improving health, safety and well-being • Calor, GB • 4/15/2022

Wearable devices for safer operations

Manual handling remains the second-highest cause of lost time for injury in Calor GB. In 2021, the business unit tried a fresh approach to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries by trialling a wearable…

Improving health, safety and wellbeing • SHV Energy, China • 4/15/2022

Last-mile delivery development

SHV Energy delivers almost 28 million cylinders to over a million residents and businesses in China each year, using an enormous fleet of motorcycles and tricycles. In Foshan City, it services 177,000…

Enhancing employee and community development • SUPERGAS, India • 4/14/2022

Life-saving support in India

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic swept through India in 2021, resulting in wide-spread infections, hospitalisations and an alarming fatality rate.  To provide patients with vital oxygen during…

Enhancing employee and community development • Calor, GB • 4/14/2022

Funding community projects in rural areas

Every year since 2017, Calor GB has proudly hosted the Calor Rural Community Fund. This gives rural communities, Calor’s main customer base, an opportunity to win funding for community projects that improve…

Enhancing employee and community development • Ipragaz, Turkey • 4/14/2022

Future-proofing our business in Turkey

Ipragaz launched the EPIC Work programme in 2021 to prepare its organisation for the future and the fast pace of technological development.

Embedding innovation • Primagaz, France • 4/14/2022

Artificial intelligence for customer needs

Primagaz France has a cylinder forecasting model for planning their deliveries. This is a static model, with a forecast calculation per customer in the form of an average updated every 6 months, which…

Embedding innovation • Supergasbras, Brazil • 4/14/2022

Coming together to innovate at Supergasbras

In March 2021, Supergasbras launched "Chega junto para inovar" (Coming together to innovate), a programme to quickly collect, test, and implement innovative ideas from any Supergasbras employee, working…