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Enhancing employee and community development Supergasbras, Brazil 11/8/2018

Conduta Legal and Children´s Day walking together

24 Conduta Legal and Childrens Day walking togethercut
Since the beginning of 2018, all Supergasbras employees have been engaged in Conduta Legal, a program with the purpose of building a company in which Ethical, Safe and Compliant behaviour is the only way to act.

We believe that the values we share in Supergasbras are not only important within our company, but for all society. Our employee’s families are paramount in this, because family life influences work behaviour and work experiences influences family life.

Inspiring our families

For this year, we decided to engage our employees´ families. For children between the ages of 1 and 12 we created a special Conduta Legal sticker album on Children´s Days. This exclusive album focuses on situations that our children face in their daily lives. All examples were created in a playful way, so they could play and learn with their parents.

We also encourage our employees to exchange their duplicates stickers to help their children to complete the album. Additionally, we also had a drawing competition where we invite the children to create a drawing based on the theme “Together, we will build an ethical, safe and right world.” Our employees voted on the most beautiful drawing and those who won were awarded with gift cards and bicycles.

Making a difference

Every October, as part of our National Volunteer Program, we run “Super Happy Child” campaign, an initiative that involves local communities, dealers and our employees. To celebrate Children´s Day, Supergasbras and the dealers threw a party, attended by local and underprivileged children. Moreover, we encourage our employees and their families to take part in this action as volunteers, sharing their commitment to build a better place to live in.

Talking about numbers:

  • 15,340 children attended this year´s campaign

  • 229 volunteers were involved all over Brazil

All of these initiatives aim to raise awareness about topics that occupy a considerable part of the social agenda in our country. Bearing this in mind, through these actions, we reinforce our collective commitment to sustain an ethical mind-set in all our relationships.