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Enhancing employee and community development Calor, GB 4/14/2022

Funding community projects in rural areas

Every year since 2017, Calor GB has proudly hosted the Calor Rural Community Fund. This gives rural communities, Calor’s main customer base, an opportunity to win funding for community projects that improve local life. Since the launch of the fund, the fund has supported over 200 rural community projects and generated more than £450,000 through a combination of public donations and Calor contributions. 

In 2021, £85,000 of funding was distributed across 22 projects, which were assessed against criteria including impact and the urgency of need, sustainability and originality. This total included 11 x £5,000 grants, 6 x £2,500 grants, and 5 x £1,000 grants to the winning rural projects, along with £500 grants to the remaining finalists.

The application process

Calor GB also gave applicants access to a crowdfunding platform for the first time. This offered them a new social network to raise awareness of their initiatives and ultimately raise more money from their local community. Applicants were encouraged to share their projects as much as possible through social media to gain points. For every like or share on social media, a project received one point. If a project received a financial donation, then they received ten points. 

The projects with the highest points in each funding category formed the shortlist and this list was then reviewed by an impartial panel of judges. 

A record-breaking year

In 2021, 22 projects were supported across the UK and covered a diverse range of initiatives including:

  • £1,000 to support the services of the voluntary search and rescue team in Cirencester, including land search, flood, and water rescue
  • £2,500 to provide uniforms for a cheerleading and dance group in Wainfleet St. Mary
  • £5,000 to support the post-COVID-19 recovery of the Northumberland National Park and Mountain Rescue Team. Funds provided will support the training requirements of the team and address skills fade within the group. 

In 2021, there were entries from a record-breaking 600+ projects. These projects came from all over the UK. Collectively, the projects also generated more than 4,000 supporters who generated 10,000 engagements throughout the public supporting stage, as well as generating over £100,000 towards their favourite project initiatives.

Andy Parker, Head of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at Calor GB, summarises, “It’s great to see how passionate these communities are – each of their projects will make a significant difference.”