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Enhancing employee and community development Gaspol, Poland 4/20/2021

Supporting communities in need

Truck from Gaspol

When COVID-19 hit, emergency services all around the world were suddenly under unprecedented pressure. Gaspol’s employees considered how they could help their local community and where their specialist expertise could make the biggest impact.

They decided to provide local paramedics in Lubartów with LPG-based heating and cooking equipment to make difficult days a little easier, and to donate gas cylinders to a volunteer group in Warsaw preparing meals for emergency and public service workers throughout lockdown.

Using Gaspol’s expertise to make a difference

Marcin Laskowski, Cylinder Sales Area Manager at Gaspol, coordinated all these activities. He explains, “Spring of 2020 was very different from the previous one. COVID-19 hit hard all over the world, including in Poland. 

“In Gaspol, even as most of us from early March started work from our ‘Home Office’, we were already thinking about how we could help our local emergency services and the volunteers preparing meals for medics and public services like police, who didn’t have the luxury of staying safe by working from home. We decided that we would share what is related to our business, which can be very useful at the same time.

Targeting our support

Our activities that we carried out in April focused on two initiatives. Firstly, we donated a heater and two cookers to paramedics from the hospital in Lubartów (where one of our filling plants is located). Thanks to this, paramedics who spent the whole day in the field tent could warm up and eat a hot meal between subsequent trips to treat the next, potentially COVID-positive, patients.

“Secondly, we donated gas cylinders to an informal volunteer group called “Signal – Gastronomic Emergency” from Warsaw. This group was made up of restaurant owners and chefs who, with their businesses closed, decided to prepare free meals for medical services along with the police, city guards and other public services. The gas cylinders we provided allowed a group of volunteers to continuously prepare meals for medics and services until the end of the first lockdown in Poland.

Marcin sums up, “Providing help, especially for the local communities where we operate, is deeply rooted in Gaspol's DNA. Despite being closed at home, our hearts were always open to help others.”