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Safeguarding integrity Ipragaz, Turkey 6/19/2018

Ipragaz – working hard on sustainability in Turkey

46 Ipragaz working hard on sustainability in Turkeycut

We started our sustainability efforts at Ipragaz in 2015, and formed our sustainability committee that same year. Since then, we have created and implemented our own sustainability management system, achieving a lot in this area.

For instance, we trained 321 employees and 575 gas station workers on sustainability issues. We also trained 63 executives in topics such as UN Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, the Circular Economy, our Sustainability Management System and Sustainability for Various Functions. Our management system includes business integrity topics, and in 2017 our educational efforts in this area included training 576 employees in business ethics issues, as well as a compliance programme competition with the participation of 779 employees and subcontractors.

A review of 83 procedures

At Ipragaz, we construct standard agreements according to our company’s procedures, and change is a natural occurrence. Therefore, as we moved forward, we took the opportunity to reviewed all 83 of our basic and governance procedures, and made the necessary optimisations and updates. We also drafted new procedures for business ethics and a variety of other areas, as well as revising 14 standard agreements for our main field of business in order to ensure procedural compliance. We have also made sure to update any agreements that did not include provisions regarding business ethics.

A positive Ecovadis score

The time and effort we have taken for these activities have been worthwhile on their own. But they have also had a positive impact on our business and on how those outside our company see us. Ecovadis – a scoring firm for corporate social responsibility – gave us a score of 53/100, placing Ipragaz in the top 15% of all evaluated companies. We are pleased with this result, and we will continue to work hard in this area.