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Sustaining the environment Primagaz, France 6/19/2018

Better air quality in France

In France, we work with industrial organisations and manufacturers to improve air quality, enabling many customers to switch to cleaner fuels during 2017.

The famous French producer of Laqueuille cheese moves from oil to propane

Our cooperation with a famous French cheese producer helped them make the switch from oil to propane for fuelling their operations. As a result, they were able to achieve a particulate matter reduction of 90%. Furthermore, Primagaz France’s global approach also led to remarkable progress in the field of energy efficiency by reducing their annual energy consumption of 450 kWh of fuel oil to 300 kWh of gas.

NGV station – a premiere on French highways

On October 5, 2017 Primagaz France – in partnership with Avia – opened the first Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) public station for the French highway network. As an alternative fuel to diesel for heavy goods vehicles, LNG emits 80% less particulate matter between 6% and 12% less CO2, while achieving a range of 1500 km. We estimate that one NGV station we save 2427 metric tonnes of CO2 over 10 years while moving from 17 to 110 trucks per station per year (compared to diesel trucks). This station offers both LNG and compressed natural gas (CNG). Twenty more French stations will follow by 2020 along the European ‘blue corridor’ – strategically spread across the roads used daily by heavy trucks.