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Sustaining the environment Gaspol, Poland 6/19/2018

Gaspol runs a successful anti-smog campaign in Poland

Gaspol runs a successful anti-smog campaign in Poland
Poland has the unfortunate distinction of belonging to an infamous group of countries with the worst air quality in the world. In fact, 16 of the 20 most polluted cities within European Union are in Poland. However, air pollution is not just an urban problem – it also concerns more rural areas as well. For years, GASPOL has been servicing communities living in these areas, providing them with a less polluting, more efficient energy solution based on LPG.

A nation-wide social campaign

In November of 2017, we launched nationwide social campaign focused on the air quality problem in Poland. The aim of the campaign was to educate society about the scale of the problem and its influence on health and life quality. As part of our campaign, we created a special website ( which provides information about the cause and origin of smog, and how it affects human health.

For the image of our campaign, we selected groups who are most exposed to toxic smog impact: children, pregnant women, outdoor sportsmen and seniors. Images from the campaign appeared on billboards across Poland, and in public transport buses. We also published a video on YouTube. Through strong messaging, we demonstrated our position when it comes to the use of poor quality fossil fuels or burning plastic materials in home stoves. We used our images to convince each single consumer that change lay their hands and it depended on the decisions they made.

LPG – an easily-accessible solution

We didn’t simply want to frighten people. We also wanted to show them at that an easily-accessible solution was available that could help them fight air pollution. This solution is LPG, an environmentally-friendly fuel which produces virtually no particulate matter or soot and emits significantly less CO₂ than other fossil fuels such as coal or burning oil.

A well-received campaign generates government interest

Our campaign was received very well. Our YouTube video reached almost 200,000 users, and information from our campaign reached thousands more people through local and nationwide media. But the most important effect of the campaign was that local governments started to reach out to us. Happily, they – like their citizens – have expressed an interest in fighting air pollution and using LPG for this purpose as well.