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Enhancing employee and community development Gaspol, Poland 4/19/2021

Gaspol colleagues are ‘People with Great Hearts’

An important part of the SHV Energy group corporate social responsibility is to support and help the people in the communities where they operate, enhancing wellbeing whenever possible. There are many excellent examples of how this is working globally, and it is good to report on a program in Poland run by our Gaspol colleagues.

Annual support in three locations

The “People with Great Hearts” volunteer program is an annual event, involving over 100 colleagues and has been run every year since 2012, to help support vulnerable groups.

Every year on 1st June (Children’s Day) a Gaspol central group collect applications for charity actions proposed by colleagues at the different Gaspol sites. These applications identify where they think help is needed and what volunteers can assist with. The projects are then selected and proceed, always including financial support from Gaspol head office.

Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a possibility of suspending the activity but after careful consideration the decision was taken to carry on. It was felt that under the current circumstances help for those in need would be even more necessary and valuable. With the appropriate safeguards in place, the program for 2020 took place in three locations, Rypin, Pleszew and Warsaw.


Refurbishment in Rypin


Volunteer colleagues from Rypin took on an ambitious challenge, supporting the local occupational therapy workshops by completely refurbishing three rooms. Over two hard-working weeks, colleagues with the help of a professional renovation company, prepared and painted the walls, and adapted the rooms for people participating in occupational therapy.


It is worth noting that the renovation work continued even during the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Poland. The volunteers decided that they wanted to finish all the work, and this was achieved by adhering to all the necessary safety rules. A great project completed under difficult circumstances by the dedicated team.

Help for the homeless in Pleszew

Colleague volunteers from the Gaspol filling plant in Pleszew, regularly support charitable activities in the area, often providing help for children and young adults. Their latest project saw them helping a shelter for homeless people, located near to the filling plant. The shelter fence was in a poor state and the volunteers helped by purchasing a new fence including all the necessary building materials.

The volunteers also wanted to improve the safety at the shelter and provided face masks for all the homeless residents. They also donated a set of kitchen accessories that will be useful for the colleagues who prepare hot meals for the shelter's residents. To mark the season and spread some cheer they also gave them some Christmas gifts, great work for a deserving cause.

Support for children in Warszawa

At the end of year in 2020, the Gaspol volunteer colleagues from Warsaw organised a Christmas collection to provide sweets and toys for children from local orphanages. They also helped a family in need who had also recently lost a parent by locating and providing a decommissioned company computer. This was essential for the child in the family to continue learning, as all classes were being held online as school classes were not taking place due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Really good support for those in need; well done to all those involved.