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Enhancing employee and community development SUPERGAS, India 4/14/2022

Life-saving support in India

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic swept through India in 2021, resulting in wide-spread infections, hospitalisations and an alarming fatality rate. 
To provide patients with vital oxygen during a shortage of equipment, SHV Energy and Supergas collaborated to organise the donation and shipping of 150 ventilators from the UK to India. The direct oxygen supplied by the ventilators gave very sick patients a fighting chance at recovering from the infection.

Supergas Foundation’s contribution

Through its charitable foundation, Supergas collaborated with hospitals, healthcare centres and local NGOs to ensure the ventilators reached the areas where the crisis was most acute. Local staff were actively involved in the distribution of ventilators in their area, showing a praise-worthy community spirit. 

A positive outcome

The surviving beneficiaries of the oxygen concentrators and their family members have profusely thanked SHV Energy and Supergas for extending a life-saving helping hand in this terrible situation.

Sreeman Kadali, the Vice President of Legal and Public Relations at Supergas and Trustee of the Supergas Foundation, was grateful for the opportunity to contribute. He says, “We at Supergas India were privileged to be able to provide the Covid patients with life-saving oxygen concentrators during the thick of the pandemic. I’m proud to be part of SHV’s care for the community.”