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Enhancing employee and community development SUPERGAS, India 5/6/2020

Lifting people out of unemployment

03 Lifting people out of unemployment
Chord, a non-profit based in Hyderabad India, is one of the community projects SHV Energy supports. Chord runs a range of programmes based around empowering people from underprivileged communities through education and training. Its Skill Bharath Programme is a development initiative set up to tackle one of the main causes of unemployment in India: lack of employability.

Skill Bharath operates in five districts, working towards a goal of training 7,000 people in employable skills. In particular, it targets vulnerable young people and school or college drop-outs.

“The Skill Bharath Programme was the learning experience that changed my life”

The skills focused on in the programme are computers skills, driving, spoken English, tailoring, textile design, beautician skills and hotel operations. These job-oriented courses boost beneficiaries’ chances of being employed and becoming self-reliant, enabling them to build a better future for themselves. Nalli Surendra, a beneficiary of the Skill Bharath project, shares his experience.

“Every day was a struggle when I worked as a labourer for minimal wages. I lived with a sense of hopelessness and dread. The Skill Bharath Program was the learning experience that changed my life. The Driver’s Training course helped me land a job as a driver in Qatar. I cannot be more grateful to Chord for reaching out to people like me.”