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Enhancing employee and community development India 4/26/2023

Providing outdoor education to underprivileged children

It was a sunny and bright day at Prabodhan Trust, Bangalore, made even brighter by the smiles of 50 underprivileged students and their teachers. The occasion was the educational trip to the Planetarium on 30th October 2022 sponsored by SUPERGAS.

For most of the students who live in Ibbalur village, a trip outside their area is very rare. Therefore, they eagerly anticipated the visit.

The first stop was at the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium (JNP). JNP is equipped with a large 15 metre dome and a state-of-the-art hybrid projection system installed and commissioned in 2017.

As the show began, children were amazed to see the huge ceiling of the auditorium turn into the night sky with stars. They were taken on a journey around the Solar System to see the planets asteroids, comets and satellites in space. They learned about prominent scientists who contributed to our knowledge of astronomy.

After the show, the children had hands-on experiences with various science models, including a model of the Solar System.

The next stop was the beautifully verdant National Military Memorial Park. The children received a gift that contained glow stars (that can be placed on walls) and a drawing book with a set of colours. The children sat down and drew about their experiences. They enjoyed interacting with the SUPERGAS team who took a keen interest in their drawings.

Finally, it was already the evening and time to sit in the open-air amphitheatre of the park. The children watched a mesmerising show with water fountains dancing to musical tunes and colourful lights.